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Audio repair mistakes

When doing a DIY audio repair there are some key factors you need to look out for. Make sure to unplug your audio equipment from its power source before doing anything beyond the examination phase. There have been to many injuries from people attempting to repair electrical audio equipment. Please to not make this vital mistake of  painful and possibly fatal repair mistake.

Do not accept that just because the audio is playing is working that everything is in working order. We have to consider the heat that the amplifier and speakers are putting out. If either of these get hot at all then your entire system could be destroyed. Be sure to test the head of the equipment before moving on and assuming its fixed.


When you’re looking to have your audio equipment by another professional check to make sure that they have experience with high end audio repair. Here at Atlas Audio Repair we have had many years of experience with repairing audio equipment and accessories.

The first thing to check when something goes wrong with your microphone is the power. It happens to all of us we get in the zone singing into our mics. We forget that we are limited to length that our wire is. These do come unplugged pretty easily.

Buying faulty cheap audio equipment is very common mistake when buying audio equipment. We have to understand that quality is everything when it comes to audio equipment. As far as audio equipment we always recommend the best of the best. We love brands such as jlaudio because of the high quality sounds.

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