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Send in your garage band set for a tune up and receive one free set of drum sticks and a 5 pack of picks!

If you’re the neighbor down the street that likes to jam all night in your garage with the garage door open letting the whole neighborhood rock to, then we salute you! Once upon a time we have all done it. Showing off musical skills is loved by nearly everyone. I know that from my experience I have always did my best to not only impress those that are listening but, to rock thier socks off! When I leave my garage door open while strumming my guitar with my buddies, I want to amp to be turned all the way up.

I know that if I don’t have my garage door open then I’ll be having a garage door repair the next day from pushing so hard. Trust me if you rock hard enough those garage door parts can break from all the vibrations. Go ahead and keep rocking and I’ll keep fixing your gear when you rock a little to hard!

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