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From humble beginnings – The Story of How Atlas Audio Repair Started

The owner Mike Fresno was always a business type of person. Starting out in life as a young high school dropout Mr. Fresno would often spend more time working on projects and business adventures then care to study for school. At the age of 17 Mr. Fresno had already owned a lawn care business with multiple employees. It was clear at a young age that he would be successful and own many great companies.

After many years Mike has been able to start up and run successfully 6 different businesses. All of them being service type of business built to serve the people and make thier lives easier. Here is a shortlist of six of businesses Mike has been able to build.

  1. Audio Repair (National)
  2. Designer Clothing (Global)
  3. Carpet Cleaning Service (Local)
  4. Maid Service (Local)
  5. Lawn Care (Local)
  6. Garage Door Repair (Local)

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