Upgrade and Clean Your Ride in the Same Day

If you’re like most of us who love to modify our cars you want yours clean as possible. We’ve started working with a professional carpet cleaning Sunrise FL company to help to make sure your car or truck is ready for the showroom once it leaves our shop.

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Home Audio Improvement Tips

Everyone love to have a great sounding home audio system. Unfortunately just like all audio systems they can break from time to time. Not to worry, however, we’ll always be here for you in your time of need. If you’re in need of the repairs then just contact us.

If you have a home theater with audio and sound equipment comparable to an IMAX theater then we’re you guys for the repairs. Just send us your audio equipment and forget it ever even happened. Installing new audio systems for home improvement reasons is very important.

I love walking into a home with a great sound system and see everything professional done. whenever I am looking into hiring a contractor to I always go after who is going to do the highest quality work out there today.

Send in your garage band set for a tune up and receive one free set of drum sticks and a 5 pack of picks!

If you’re the neighbor down the street that likes to jam all night in your garage with the garage door open letting the whole neighborhood rock to, then we salute you! Once upon a time we have all done it. Showing off musical skills is loved by nearly everyone. I know that from my experience I have always did my best to not only impress those that are listening but, to rock thier socks off! When I leave my garage door open while strumming my guitar with my buddies, I want to amp to be turned all the way up.

I know that if I don’t have my garage door open then I’ll be having a garage door repair the next day from pushing so hard. Trust me if you rock hard enough those garage door parts can break from all the vibrations. Go ahead and keep rocking and I’ll keep fixing your gear when you rock a little to hard!

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From humble beginnings – The Story of How Atlas Audio Repair Started

The owner Mike Fresno was always a business type of person. Starting out in life as a young high school dropout Mr. Fresno would often spend more time working on projects and business adventures then care to study for school. At the age of 17 Mr. Fresno had already owned a lawn care business with multiple employees. It was clear at a young age that he would be successful and own many great companies.

After many years Mike has been able to start up and run successfully 6 different businesses. All of them being service type of business built to serve the people and make thier lives easier. Here is a shortlist of six of businesses Mike has been able to build.

  1. Audio Repair (National)
  2. Designer Clothing (Global)
  3. Carpet Cleaning Service (Local)
  4. Maid Service (Local)
  5. Lawn Care (Local)
  6. Garage Door Repair (Local)

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Audio repair mistakes

When doing a DIY audio repair there are some key factors you need to look out for. Make sure to unplug your audio equipment from its power source before doing anything beyond the examination phase. There have been to many injuries from people attempting to repair electrical audio equipment. Please to not make this vital mistake of  painful and possibly fatal repair mistake.

Do not accept that just because the audio is playing is working that everything is in working order. We have to consider the heat that the amplifier and speakers are putting out. If either of these get hot at all then your entire system could be destroyed. Be sure to test the head of the equipment before moving on and assuming its fixed.


When you’re looking to have your audio equipment by another professional check to make sure that they have experience with high end audio repair. Here at Atlas Audio Repair we have had many years of experience with repairing audio equipment and accessories.

The first thing to check when something goes wrong with your microphone is the power. It happens to all of us we get in the zone singing into our mics. We forget that we are limited to length that our wire is. These do come unplugged pretty easily.

Buying faulty cheap audio equipment is very common mistake when buying audio equipment. We have to understand that quality is everything when it comes to audio equipment. As far as audio equipment we always recommend the best of the best. We love brands such as jlaudio because of the high quality sounds.

Please submit your audio equipment for repair here.